I'll look after your cat, house, plant, fish, chinchilla, or dragon, for free while you're away.

Available in London from 21st October 2019 onwards.


Who am I?

I'm Matt. I'm a live-in cat sitter. Since April 2017, I've looked after more than 30 cats, 25 homes, and enough plants to start a garden centre.

I'm often inspired by the homes that I live in, the people that I meet, and the cats I hang out with.

I'm available in London from 21st October 2019 onwards.

I was recently interviewed by The Guardian. Read the article here.











Having Matt stay at the house while we were away was fantastic. It gave us peace of mind that the place, and the cats were being looked after and we also returned to a super clean, tidy home and two very chilled-out fluff balls. Can’t recommend him enough.
— Kitty, Harringay
I went on holiday for 2 weeks and left my house with Matt Weatherall to look after and use as a creative inspiration hub. I came home to everything perfect, he’s kicked started a new company and left me some cakes. THANK YOU Matt! Now everyone - give up your empty homes to Matt and fuel the creative economy!
— Nadya, Herne Hill
I could not recommend Matt more highly. We came back to a pristine home and Jack the cat was as happy and contented as we have ever known him to be. Our neighbours met Matt and were very envious of us having such a charming, reliable and respectful house guest. We would welcome him back in a heartbeat.
— Wendy, Didsbury









Kickstart my project

London might be the best place to get an idea off the ground but its hard to find space when you're starting out. You can support my project by letting me live and work from your place while you’re away.

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Special Guest

A new monthly event that asks 'what if the audience were the speakers?'. Anyone can take the stage to share anything for 60 seconds.

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Get in touch

Feel free to get in touch using the form below. I'm available to house sit in London from 21st October 2019 onwards.

It's useful to know what dates you're away, which area of London you live in, what your cat(s) are like, what kind of space I can work in while I'm there, and any questions you might have for me.









Common questions



How much does it cost?

It's free. I'm happy to look after your home, water your plants, and pet your pets, in return for letting me live in your house while you're away.


Where do you house sit?

London zones 1-3.

How long do you house sit for?

I prefer to sit for >10 days.

What experience do you have with pets?

I loved growing up with pets: two dogs (Rufus and Woody), a tank full of tropical fish, one cat (Suki), one chinchilla, two guinea pigs (Bat and Ball), and five rats (Billy, Charlie, Teasel, Clarion, and Click)! I've been house sitting since April 2017. Since then, I've looked after one dog, 24 cats, and 19 homes.


How does it work?

If you're interested to have me house sit, you can contact me using the form above. Feel free to ask any questions you might have. Then, if you'd like to meet, we can arrange a time that suits you and I'm happy to pop over to yours for a cuppa. I can meet your cat and, if you'd like to me to house sit for you, I can pick up a spare key or arrange another time to collect it. 


Why did you become a house sitter?

Since moving to London six years ago, I've navigated the city's housing crisis by living in warehouses, backpackers hostels, and a boat. Then one day my friend went on holiday and left me the keys to his flat.